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   I was born Susan Sellers and raised in Washington, DC. I studied at the Hawthorne School, The George Washington University, and Corcoran School of Art before attending the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. My early emphasis was on Fine Art, and then life necessitated earning a living, so having a paternal grandfather who was a signpainter in Washington ,DC, and a maternal grandfather who was a successful Architect in Silver Spring, Maryland, I naturally inherited a technical art background which I put to good use in the Engineering and Architectural fields, culminating in Sellers Sgns, Inc.-a Sign Arts and Graphic Design business for the past 30 years. Please see "About Sellers Signs, Inc." to read more about my background in the Commercial Arts.

Plein Air at Menemsha

  In the past 6 years, I  have finally made the time to pursue my Fine Art background in more depth and have found oils and Plein Air Painting to be my medium of the moment. To date, I frequent the Beaches, Dunes, and Shores of Martha's Vineyard and the Mountains and Shores of Maine to express what I feel I am destined to paint in the Changing Light and Air of the moment, one inspiration at a time. Please see Events to find information on Current Shows, Exhibitions and Events.