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Selected original paintings are available as limited edition fine art giclee prints from Susan Sellers. PLEASE click on Print Gallery to view which paintings are available as prints, and in what sizes, forms, and prices, at this time.


Fine Art Giclée (ghee-clay) Iris Prints are created using the most advanced form of digital printmaking. These prints provide unsurpassed color depth and life-like reproduction of the original artwork. The print you choose from my gallery of prints is printed on a specially selected heavyweight, archival watercolor paper.  The edges are deckle-edged, that is,hand-torn for beauty and originality. The William Turner  paper is 310 grams in weight, and the archival Iris inks are rated to last more than 80 years minimally before there is even a slight possibility of fading. 



It is not recommended that art be hung over a radiator, heat register, or fireplace. Mold from humidity will damage paper or canvas artwork. Do not let any liquid come into contact with the giclee print. Just as an original watercolor will be damaged from moisture, so will your reproduction. Please store your prints with acid-free materials in acid-free containers.

Never allow a print to rest directly on glass. If your print hasn't been matted or spacers added in framing, it will make contact with the glass. Condensation will form between the print and the glass and will ultimately destroy the print. Never store artwork in damp areas. Ensure that your vacation homes have proper ventilation and humidity controls while the house is unoccupied.


All light will cause fading in artwork, especially those on paper. Never place art in direct sunlight or opposite a  window. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to ink and paper.


If you are purchasing your giclee print framed from us, it will be framed according to the strict specifications outlined here to ensure long life. Please click on  Print Portfolio  for finish sizes and descriptions. Click here to view a framed print example.

When framing your work of art, please use experienced framers who are familiar with conservation guidelines and materials. Use non-ammonia glass cleaner  to clean your glass framed art work. 


All fine art giclée prints by  Susan Sellers Glyman are printed by: 

Hunter Editions
One Col. Gelardi Dr. Suite 101
Kennebunk, ME 04043