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About Sellers Signs, Inc.

Sellers Signs, Inc. has been my sign-making and graphic design company for 30+ years, 28 of them on Martha's Vineyard. I have proudly served the business community, private home owners and vehicle and boat owners with graphics and hand made signage all of these years with an emphasis on classic techniques and simplicity of design. The company is an eclectic outgrowth of my many talents in the Art field, from Design, Graphics, Calligraphy, Typography, Signwriting, Carving, Color, Restoration, and most innately a sense of style, history, architecture, and design, and how it relates to a particular Graphics/Sign/Design challenge.
Always the only female in my Wood Shop and Drafting Classes in High School, I went on to study Fine Art at the Corcoran School of Art and George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and then on to the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.
I began as an engineering and architectural draughtsman in an Engineering Firm called J.R. McCrone, Jr., Inc., in Annapolis, Maryland. I learned from transcribing the surveyors field notes into maps, by plotting the notes and pulling topography, and I drew up and designed everything fron Sewage Treatment Plants, to Road Design, Land Development, Bridges, and entire Towns. You name it, I drew it. Finely inked hand-lettering on mylar for Land Court Plans gave me a lot of practice in Letterform and Signwriting.
  I liked seeing the fruits of my labors at the drafting table transformed into reality, and loved touring the municipal plants, bridges, towns, etc., once they were built. It was this early experience that led to having the skills to design homes with many builders later on Martha's Vineyard, and in kind, being able to see the homes once built or renovated. So, as Sellers Signs grew and developed, the street became my Gallery, and the concept has proved satisfying to this day, even as I branch into my own art, done en plein air as the light changes, and conditions move and change, and I find this  life painting experience very challenging and responsive.
   In my spare time I began lettering sailboats in nearby Annapolis, Maryland. I also lettered huge billboard signs for Route 2 and Route 3 , as the area was becoming highly developed. I went on to 18-wheelers at truck stops, where one truck led to another. I learned while I earned.
   In 1978 , I moved to Martha's Vineyard with a job offer at a new Engineering Firm called Smith and Dowling, and proceeded to draw nearly every square inch of land on Martha's Vineyard, and inked every Land Court Plan from 1978 through 1988 in the Registry of Deeds here on the island, as land was bought up and developed. I also found a great need for signs from my beginnings on the island, and started Sellers Signs in that first year, which took off like a rocket, finally incorporating in 1988.
   Sellers Signs, Inc.'s clients read like a who's who from Hollywood Powerbrokers, Artists, Musicians, Writers, Presidents and their families,and runs the gamut to local housepainters and businesspeople, homeowners and yachtsmen.

My business is making your business look great!